Flight cost sharing : French aviation is finally providing protection against the hazards of the sharing economy.

On December 7, 2015, The Court of Appeal of Paris fined UBER France €150,000 for « misleading commercial practices » regarding UberPop, the company’s commercial taxi passenger transport service, by misrepresenting itself as a carpooling service provider.

A parallel should be drawn between this case and France’s 2015 emergence of websites offering flight-sharing services (coavionnage). The Union Syndicale du Personnel Navigant Technique (USPNT), a coalition of pilot unions, has mobilized to stop these sites in an effort to prevent the bad practices often implemented by these web-based platforms.


Fair Transport Europe


European Transport Federation has launched the Fair Tranport Europe initiative:

« As long as we cannot send an apple, a pair of shoes or ourselves by email, we need the millions of transport workers who connect Europe. But working conditions in European transport are being challenged by a race to the bottom and unfair business practices by some companies, causing deplorable conditions for workers. »


Aviation FOC’s the current scenario

The trend to increasingly liberalise in the aviation sector poses a serious threat to airline workers’ conditions through the effects of social dumping. This film demonstrates what is happening now and is a call to organise and act!


First victory for staff rights at Qatar Airways

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is celebrating the first victory for staff rights at Qatar Airways (QR) after the airline admitted that it has removed its contractual pregnancy and marriage prohibitions. These demanded that anyone becoming pregnant had to notify management, at which point she would be likely to lose her job, and forbade marriage for five years (even after that time permission had to be sought to marry).


Danish court allows industrial action against Ryanair

Today 1 July 2015, the Danish Labour Court ruled that Ryanair has to engage in collective bargaining with trade unions within five days and that the Flight Personnel Union (FPU), affiliated to the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), can legally enter into an industrial conflict with Ryanair. This means that a primary industrial action can come into force on Monday at midnight and a variety of secondary actions in the airport can be initiated, such as no refueling of airplanes, no baggage loading etc.